Wood and Metal


C.H. Judson - part outdoorsman, part man of leisure and part legend - gives his tried and true perspective on every product we sell.

According to C.H., experience and use are the only true measures of quality. That is why each of our products is hand selected and sold only after C.H. is more than satisfied that it meets his demanding standards.

The quest for quality goes way back with C.H. Even as a child he was obsessed with buying only quality products - those that served their purpose exceptionally well, held up under heavy use and required replacement only infrequently, if ever. He would save his modest allowance for months to afford what he believed to be the best, typically only after much research and, if he could get his hands on a sample, some good old trial by fire.

He made some errors along the way, even buying a few items that were popular, but without merit. These missteps only served to reinforce his commitment to quality and tighten up his requirements.

In the end he boiled it all down to this: A product does not need to be glamorous or expensive, high tech or old school, it just needs to do its job in the best way possible for as long as possible, looking as good as possible.

Wood and Metal is the culmination of years of research and experience with quality products, and this tradition continues. Through Wood and Metal, C.H. provides you a simple and no nonsense route directly to the best. It is that simple. We expect our product offering will grow over time, but our commitment to quality will never waiver.

Our aim is that our products will serve you well. We hope you'll become a lifetime friend, even recommending us to others and suggesting products that C.H. should test and consider stocking.

We are grateful for C.H. and his relentless pursuit of good. His stories are long, yet totally captivating. His face is honest and his smile sincere. He hasn't killed a bear with a bowie knife, but if he had to he would give it his best. He always does.

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