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Council Tool Forged 0-3" C-Clamp

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  • Yellow w/ Copper Plating
  • Black w/ Black Oxide Coating

Category: Workshop

I probably spend too much time working on the collection of axes hanging in my workshop. Whether its sharpening my Velvicut American Felling Axe or oiling a fresh helve for an old double bit I picked up at an antique store. Having a good set of 3" C-Clamps is important to be able to secure the handle to my workbench and these C-Clamps made in the USA by Council Tool Co. are the finest I have encountered.

Option of yellow clamp with copper plated spindle and pad or black with black oxide coated spindle and pad. The copper plated C-Clamp is also good for use in welding applications. This 400 series clamp is the most popular and most versatile clamp avaliable in the industry. These C-Clamps are heavy duty clamps that can withstand industrial strength applications.

-Frames are forged from high-carbon steel.
-Copper-plated carbon steel screw features Acme threads, roll-threaded to provide more clamping force with less torque.
-Smooth swivel pad is securely attached to screw, providing firm work-holding contact.
-Sliding T handle for easy tightening.
-Large anvil (foot) on frame for greater contact area.
-Conforms to Federal Specification GGG-C-406D.


Made in USA.