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Council Tool Velvicut 2.25 Lb Premium Boy's Axe


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Category: Camping

The Velvicut® line of products represents Council Tool's finest accomplishment in the axe making craft. The 2.25 lb. Premium Velvicut® Boy's axe is a great mid size tool for camping or around the home, small enough to pack and carry, yet big enough to get the job done.

The eye of this axe has been pierced with a special punch, forming ribs horizontally and vertically inside. This creates more contact area and bite between the head to handle joint, for an improved hold.

The custom Grade "A" Appalachian hickory handle features a prominent grip and a slim body that allows it to flex a bit, which improves the ergonomics. White sapwood and red heartwood are equally suitable as there is no difference in the specific density or strength of the wood. A Linseed oil coating has been applied to protect the handle.

The cutting edge of the 5160 alloy steel head has been tempered to Rc 52-56 to hold an edge, then hand sharpened by an experienced artisan using increasingly fine abrasives and finished with leather stropping.

Head: 2.25 lb. drop forged 5160 alloy steel, tempered to Rockwell 52-56.

Handle: Custom 28-inch (before assembly) Grade "A" Appalachian hickory, selected for grain orientation and density.

Overall Weight: 3.5 lbs.

Council Tool part number: JP22DV28C

A premium leather Made in USA sheath is included to protect the tool and the user.


All components (axe, handle, and sheath) Made in USA.

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