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Golightly Cashmere - The Cashmere Watchcap


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  • Charcoal - Medium

Category: Hats

There is something to be said for quality.
The Cashmere Watchcap from Golightly Cashmere is the warmest, softest, most functionally perfect hat on the planet. Golightly knitters continue to hand-loom these hats in the same way they have always been made. Counting over 748 passes of the hand: hand-seamed, hand-finished, this hat is built a generous two-layers thick. With a fold-up brim, this is 4 layers at the ears. The Cashmere Watchcap is comprised of 6ply Scottish yarns, a composite of thickness superior to much of the cashmere presently circling the globe.
At Wood and Metal we carry this amazing hat in two colors, a charcoal that looks great for any occasion, and hunter's orange, perfect to keep you warm and visible during hunting season.
This hat is approximately 11 inches in length.


Medium (Women's Standard)
Hat Size: 6 7/8" - 7 3/8"
Inches: 21 5/8" - 23 1/8"

Large (Men's Standard)
Hat Size: 7 1/4" - 7 3/4"
Inches: 22 3/4" - 24 3/8"


Colors available: Hunter's Orange and Charcoal

Made in the USA.