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It seems backwards to have to take fuel into the woods to be able to boil water. In simpler times all you needed was some dry tinder and a match. In the Kelly Kettle I found my way back to those times. I am able to pack this well built stainless tool and have hot water in minutes, wherever I am, without building a large fire or having to pack expensive fuel with me.

Simply build a small fire in the base of the Kelly Kettle using twigs, pinecones, dry grass, bark or similar materials found close by. Place the water filled Kettle on top of the base before lighting the fire through the vent hole on the side of the base. Once burning, continue to load materials for the fire into the top hole of the Kelly Kettle. The fire burns all the way up the middle of the Kelly Kettle while the water heats quickly and evenly in the walls the the Kettle.

At any elevation or location, I have never been caught without the ability to boil water quickly for my twice daily cup of coffee with the Kelly Kettle. I keep it available for any situation I might be in, camping, hiking, scouting, hunting, survival, emergency preparedness or when working on my own property when I just don't feel like heading in.

Each Kelly Kettle comes with a fire base and drawstring carrying bag.


Capacity: 19.3 fl. oz
Weight: 1.7 lbs
Height: 10.6 inches (packed)
Diameter: 5.5 inches (widest point @ rim of base)