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Geier Glove Co. for Wood and Metal - Merino Wool Lined Kangaroo Glove

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My tour of the Geier Glove Co. factory revealed a lot about the Geier craftsmen and their glove building process. I came away inspired to collaboratively design something truly amazing - a glove that would be comfortable and functional all year long, but at its prime in the fall and winter.

When it came to selecting the leather for this custom lined glove, kangaroo was the obvious choice. Kangaroo leather is selected for the finest driving, riding, shooting, and specialty gloves made. It is strong, dense, and wears well, allowing the thickness to be kept at a minimum for extraordinary dexterity in a lined leather glove. It also handles water and holds its shape better than many other leathers.

The 100% merino wool liner is an excellent compliment, keeping your hands warm while it absorbs excess moisture coming through the leather or from your skin. These select materials combined make these gloves amazingly comfortable to wear even as the temperature rises, or as you warm up from your activities.

As a finishing touch, we use matching kangaroo leather for the binding instead of the common synthetic material. Though the kangaroo binding is more costly and labor intensive, it is the combination of fine details like this that set this glove apart.

No one sells a better glove.


Glove: saddle brown wild kangaroo
Liner: 100% Australian merino wool

Made in the USA by Geier Glove exclusively for Wood and Metal.

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